Monday, April 18, 2011

a visit with Chandni & Peter

We spent our first weekend with my dear Chandni and Peter, her Belgian husband. We had so much fun, it actually hurt. The first night we just hung out and caught up. It took roughly 14 hours for Chandni to believe that I am pregnant. The first words out of her mouth were "YEAH, when you pop a baby out of there, then we'll talk"... hahaha. She swore the ultrasound photos, prescription prenatal vitamins, and birth books were just props for my prank. Not even the plump belly was convincing. Maybe I do cry wolf too much? ;)

The second day we took a drive through the Alps to Italy and France. After passing through the Saint Bernard tunnel- where the pups come from!, we stopped in Aosta, Italy. Where we enjoyed a picnic along the river, coffee and a magician in the city center, a little fresh well water from a fountain, and amazing views of the snowy mountains. Then to another little town for pizza and lemon soda! So delicious. We took the Mount Blanc tunnel home, which was over 7 miles long!

Yesterday we took a long, beautiful walk along Lake Geneva and through the woods, to Nyon, Switzerland. Had a fantastic picnic in a castle's front yard! And returned home for a slice of Italian Easter cake and a final cup of chai - made by Peter, who officially makes the most delicious chai known to man.

We had so much fun with Peter and Boo it was hard to leave this morning! I really can't wait til they visit us in the US.

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Lizzie said...

What a great day! That's hilarious that Chandni didn't believe you were pregnant :) Let's all move to Switzerland.