Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Intersection

The intersection: our personal intersection - we were created with this in the Lord's mind. The intersection of passion and purpose known and revealed only by God. The intersection is where we find incredible joy.

Today, I think the Lord exposed a little more of my intersection to me. It's like a puzzle - you see many pieces but can't imagine how they could fit together, let alone fit together to make an amazing photograph. Here are my pieces:

- I love Africa, Afghanistan, basically all of the 1040 Window (where the most people live who have no way of ever hearing about Jesus).

- I love plants and growing things, in particular I love tree fruit. It amazes me how a beautiful, wonderful smelling flower could turn into something that tastes as amazing as a sweet cherry. Come on, really. That has got to baffle everyone.

- I love coffee. I am proud to work for Starbucks (voted 7th best company in the nation to work for by Forbes - and rightfully so).

- I have a huge desire to spend a good portion of my life living and serving the Lord in any one of the numerous countries in the 1040 Window.

- The major coffee growing regions of the world land almost exclusively in the 1040 Window (with the exception of Latin America and Kona coffee from Hawaii).

- Turns out coffee is actually a tree fruit. It comes from what is known as a coffee cherry...hmmm... coincidence? No, it's just the way God rolls.

- Starbucks has three Farmer Support Centers. One in Costa Rica, Rwanda, and Ethiopia. Two of which happen to be... in the 1040 Window.

- Had a meeting today with Dave Olsen, creator of these Farmer Support Centers. Yes, an amazing man and one of the first partners at Starbucks. An unbelievable special opportunity to meet with and speak personally. He even gave me his e-mail address to talk more about opportunities overseas with Starbucks. Again...it's just the crazy way God is.

So these pieces are coming together for me slowly, and not necessarily working for Starbucks overseas, that was just an exciting part of my day today, but most importantly the first six pieces. That's my passion and I'm thinking it may also be my purpose.