Monday, April 18, 2011

extreme rental car racing

Today we met Sammy for coffee on the shore of Lake Geneva. SO good to see my cuz. :) Then we zipped off to Lyon, France, where we saw an amazing cathedral and ruins of a Roman theater. On the way, we had a little picnic of pancetta, tomato, and cheese baguette on the Rhone River! It's the Torch Lake of rivers, so blue! We forgot to take a picture though... so google it. :)

This was followed by a nearly nauseating, yet free trip through the mountains on mostly single lane roads - not two lane, single lane yet still two ways! Yikes. With no guard rails and jagged rocks and rivers below...
The places we take rental cars. If Budget only knew!

This is a cathedral built on the top of volcanic remnants around 950 AD. Thought about taking the rental car up there, but didn't think it'd make it. :)

Tonight we're staying in a town called Millau, France, in the Pyrenees Mountains! Longest viaduc in the world - I think...

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Lizzie said...

You and Sharon will have lots of French things to talk about when you get back!