Saturday, April 23, 2011

Friday we spent the morning in Nice, France. The drive to Nice the previous day was amazing. Fields and fields of lavender! We had a little picnic on a hillside, overlooking a field of sheep. I'm pretty sure I want to be a lavender farmer or shepherd in the south of France someday.

Driving into Nice we got an amazing view of the Mediterranean Sea - blue, blue, blue! We began the morning in Nice with a walk along the sea and and a coffee in a little cafe right on the beach! Next, we headed toward the city center and grabbed a fresh squeezed, locally grown O.J. :) So so delish. Quite obviously to my delight, while wondering around the city center, we stumbled upon the flower and farmer's market! Handmade lavender soaps, locally grown tomatoes, locally harvested sea salt, and LAVENDER COOKIES!

Next was Monaco - a country that could fit inside Central Park. First stop, the Botanical Gardens of Monaco! Hands down, the most unique gardens we've been to. All succulents and cacti, my favs. And built on a very, very steep hillside, rather cliff. Monaco in general is really intense and insane. VERY busy, a constant buzz of activity. And so, so tightly packed. Beautiful to look at, especially the sea, but we were happy to get the heck out. On the plus side for Monaco, almost every single building had a green roof! I don't think it was them being green though, I think they just need to utilize the space.

After Monaco, we headed to the hotel to relax- and do homework. At dinner time, well past our dinner time, around 6:30 we went out for dinner in town. To our dismay, there was not a single restaurant open. Friday night, not a thing was open. Finally we found the hours to the restaurant that was recommended to us, it opened at 7:15. We popped in promptly, at a quarter after, and the lights were still off. The waitress beckoned us in, and we were trapped. $37 USD later, we had bottled water poured from a blue glass bottle, a random lunch meat appetizer we don't remember ordering, spinach crepes, amazing gnocchi, and two very hungry bellies still. So we went to fill up on gelato. :) Lesson learned.

Thankfully, we returned to our hotel to find a huge bowl of strawberries and a bottle of champagne to celebrate our honeymoon/babymoon! Of course, the champange is packed in a suit case for later enjoyment... like say 3 years from now. :)


Lizzie said...

Wow. You two are seeing enough for about ten vacations combined. I love reading about and dreaming about everything you're seeing and doing! I want to be a lavender farmer along with you.

Sharon Telschow said...

If you two are farming lavender in the south of France...sign me up! Mags I just noticed all of the posts and am loving reading about your and Andrew's adventures. It looks soooooo amazing. I particularly love Chandi's reaction to hearing about Avocado.