Monday, June 13, 2011

Cats in Bags...

Well, my dear friend Lizzie let her cat out of the bag, so I suppose I'm due to let mine out too. In four short months - give or take however long Junior desires - we will be a family of four (three humans, one bunny).

me - six months pregnant (not scared really, though I look it in the picture)

Surprisingly, considering how I felt four months ago, I'm getting excited. God really does know me better than I do. I wouldn't have necessarily planned this myself, but it's good. It sure helps that Lizzie is also going to be a momma! And also my friend Aliza is expecting, whom I adore.

Andrew put in a good long Saturday painting and trimming the baby's room. Well, not actually that long, the room is tiny - he fondly calls it the Harry Potter bedroom. Then follows up with "are we bad parents because we're making our kid sleep in a walk-in closet?".