Monday, April 25, 2011

Eatly and France

On Thursday night, we stayed in the middle of a corn field, in a Holiday Inn Express. It was so nice to stay somewhere we knew would be clean and nice- and had an amazing, fruit filled breakfast in the morning. With unlimited espresso (for Andrew, only one for me :( ). I sat in the morning for about 3 hrs reading in the breakfast room. It was heavenly.

Friday, we spend in Torino, Italy. First stop was Eatly, the first Slow Food grocery store in Italy...and a super cute name! It was awesome. Fresh produce, meat, cheese, fish, wine, beer. All local. I wanted to buy it all!

Then we went off to the original Lavazza cafe. Also love at first sight. We had a cream espresso - espresso you eat with a spoon- and a fruit campana. They were both incredibly delicious.

We also visited a little medieval village in Torino, called Borgo. It was built in the 1800s to model a medieval village.

Our stay that night was in a tiny town called None, where we finally got to try Italian pasta. We had pizza and ravioli for dinner. It was pretty good, but we were dying of thirst... they only sold bottled water at the restaurant, and we are far too cheap for that!

Saturday morning we made our way to Sammy's house in Megeve, France. With two detours, one because the road had a huge snow pile at the start and one because of an avalanche, we finally made it. Cutest little French town in the Alps ever. Her boyfriend Max made us all dinner and dessert last night and we are staying in the hotel he works at, which is closed for the season. I'm absolutely loving hanging out with my favorite cousin (sorry Lucas). :)

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Sharon Telschow said...

Your trip sounds delicious. I love that you included your menu's. I can almost taste it.