Tuesday, December 9, 2008

the guppy.

Mark 6 - the story of Jesus feeding five thousand people. It's always been pretty close to just a story to me until this week. I heard it differently this week, yeah, it was certainly the presentation, but also the situation in my life I find myself in.

So Jesus has been teaching in some random, rural place for what sounds like all day long. I'm sure it was sunny and hot and the crowd sure didn't have LazyBoys to sit on. They probably were getting a little cranky since they hadn't eaten since morning - you know how that is. The disciples tried to convince Jesus to dismiss them to go eat.

Jesus said to the disciples "You feed them!". And the disciples basically said, "Are you mad? That's a crap load of food and money!"

So Jesus says, "What do you have?"
The disciples reply, "Not much. Two fish and five loaves of bread".
They gave their small amount of food to Jesus, He thanked the Lord for it, and multiplied it. He multiplied it enough to feed five thousand men.

This is a simple picture of what He asks of us. No, we don't have ability to feed all of the hungry people of the world, free all of the slaves, love on all the orphans, or even put up with someone annoying. But just that tiny bit of faith and willingness, that's what we do have. And if we give that to Him - watch out. He wants to multiply it and do crazy, wild, God-size (in other words, unfathomable to us) things! It just takes us being willing to give Him the little that we do have.