Tuesday, November 30, 2010


The Smanlon family spent Thanksgiving with dear friends, here in Virginia, this year. Certainly missing our family, but so thankful for friends!

Thanks to the gypsy moth quarantine and the inspections required to ship even a single tree, we had to forgo our traditional holiday package from my dad. And so, for the first time ever, a Hanlon family member BOUGHT a Christmas tree. Thankfully, Lowe's had a good deal on our favorite tree, probably grown in Michigan, even likely grown by a cousin of ours. But importantly, bug-free.

the girls sharing their thanksgiving treat - gingerbread crumbs and grits!

Violet helped mom and dad decorate the tree this year.

made quite the haul from the scrap bin at Lowe's.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Keeping Promises

Yesterday I ran my first marathon. I've told myself for at least three years that someday I would do it - and I did!

The day was really perfect, 35 degrees or so to start and 65 or so to finish. Parts of the course ran along the James River, through neighborhoods with beautiful fall leaves and across a couple bridges, one with an awesome view of the Richmond skyline.

The best part however was the amazing running around my husband did in order to see me 7 times and my dear friends who certainly surprised me at mile 13 and at the finish! I'm so thankful for the support my dear and my friends have given me, yesterday and throughout my training!

Mile 1.

Mile 26!!


Keep the promises you make to yourself.

Monday, November 8, 2010

best visit. best friend.

This weekend was the best. With my best friend. You know the kind of friend you can't believe actually exists because you have THAT much fun together and connect in a really mysterious and wonderful way? We used to often refer to ourselves as kindred spirits. And really, that's about the only way to describe it.

Food was naturally the main focus of our time together. Naturally. The first day we made our way to this pretty rad raw food restaurant. yuuummm... I'm still dreaming about the tofu-spin roll we shared, among a few other delicious samplings.

This was the Olamexi III. YUM.

We also did a little antiquing - found some incredible yellow shutters for Lizard's home and a tiny oval serving plate for mine.

We made roasted red pepper pesto for our grilled mahi mahi and grilled green tomatoes.

We attempted basil sorbet.

We dehydrated about a million apples.

We drank delicious wine and french-pressed coffee.

We really did, made, ate, and visited about 102 really fantastic things this weekend, but the best part, by far, was just chatting together. I'm so thankful for my kindred spirit.