Tuesday, November 30, 2010


The Smanlon family spent Thanksgiving with dear friends, here in Virginia, this year. Certainly missing our family, but so thankful for friends!

Thanks to the gypsy moth quarantine and the inspections required to ship even a single tree, we had to forgo our traditional holiday package from my dad. And so, for the first time ever, a Hanlon family member BOUGHT a Christmas tree. Thankfully, Lowe's had a good deal on our favorite tree, probably grown in Michigan, even likely grown by a cousin of ours. But importantly, bug-free.

the girls sharing their thanksgiving treat - gingerbread crumbs and grits!

Violet helped mom and dad decorate the tree this year.

made quite the haul from the scrap bin at Lowe's.

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Lizzie said...

All that from the scrap bin?! Looks great!