Friday, December 3, 2010


Today is an example of why I love thrift stores. Not all of them though. Some are oddly overpriced - at least in my 1940s mind. Six or seven dollars for used jeans? No thanks. Five or six for a shrunken wool sweater? Pass. Today however, the price was right. Today was Customer Appreciation Day at the Fort Monroe thrift store... and boy did I feel appreciated! Welcomed with tasty cookies - and an amazing, melty chocolate peanut butter stick! mmmm... I'd go back if I hadn't cleaned that plate up!

Anyway, my steals.

I got three pairs of pants for myself (AE, Calvin Klein), three long sleeve shirts (AE & Target), jeans and two tops for Lillian (Old Navy), a striped dress and shirt (stripes by request!) for Julia (Gymboree), tons of cute baby clothes for Lil's doll.

And best of pre-health-nut-transformation best friend would have arm wrestled me for... brown high-heel, annoyingly pointy Nine West shoes!

All of this, my friends... $5.00 + tax. That's it. That's all. And that's why I don't like buying anything new!
(Those Nine West shoes, new: $80. Thrift store: TWENTY-FIVE CENTS!!)

Oh, the high of second-hand bargains. Saving the planet, and adding to my wardrobe!

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Lizzie said...

This pre-health-nut-transformation best friend spotted those heels first thing! I guess some habits die hard :) I absolutely cannot believe that you got all of that for $5. It might even make me a little mad. Mad that I wasn't there with you raiding all those good bargains!